Minimal Efforts

Comedy is my love. Starting sites I'll forget is my pleasure.

Episode 50: Spit On What Hole?

I cohost this great podcast with kcarora and this week’s episode was fun with Rojo and Corey. Check it out and subscribe on iTunes if it makes ya smile.

Guns in Movies



I watch a lot of old movies from the 40s and 50s. In those films, every time someone pulls out a gun, it’s a really big deal. The music swells and hits a foreboding note. Everyone raises their hands and backs away. ”Put that gun down, Mac!” pleads one of the characters “You don’t know what…

This is a dope point of view on guns in movies.

Hey everybody, had to do the Ice Bucket Challenge a couple weeks ago and made a video for it. Forgot to share it here. Either way, donate somewhere folks!

Scalawag Swag. #NYC #Sailin

Silent Rally. #nyc #SilentDisco

Pantera + (Violin + Cello) = CLASSICALLY HEAVY!


KC turned 30. Was his birthday a bust? Find out who stopped eating fast food? Should Neil run a half marathon? What age do you want to live to? The guys discusses how long they’d want to live and how they’d take themselves out! Do you have Puerto Rican friends? Who are you rooting for in the World Cup? How are prostitutes in Brazil preparing for the World Cup? How much would you charge to give a blowjob? What would you pay each member of Nice Podcast for a BJ? Tell us! Tweet @NicePodcast #hocharge. This and more on the latest Nice Podcast!


Nice Podcast Ep. 35 - Deathwish - GFQ Network

Another week, another chance to get on board with a podcast I love doing with everyone involved. DO ITTTTTTT! Subscribe suckas!!!

Do you love my new do?! @niceli_2002 worked her magic!!! #vicious #fierce

Do you love my new do?! @niceli_2002 worked her magic!!! #vicious #fierce

We celebrate that “time of the month”. #nokids #yay

We celebrate that “time of the month”. #nokids #yay